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Why volunteer ?
Volunteering is based on the concept of giving through the donation of your time, your skills, your energy and often just simply your presence to help others in need. However, while volunteers have a tremendous effect on the people they work with, you will very rarely find a volunteer who feels they have given more than they have received. The lessons and benefits that a volunteer receives while volunteering are endless and can include increased self-confidence and social awareness, development of life skills, personal growth, friendship and building of independence. Furthermore, volunteering can help to enhance career prospects. Make a difference by volunteering, doing a wide range of tasks for a wide range of volunteer involving organisations. People volunteer for many reasons and in many different ways. Some use volunteering as way to gain new skills or add to their CV. Not only do volunteers increase their skill base, work experience and international contacts through volunteering, employees often look favorably upon those that are willing to go outside of their comfort zone and give up their time to assist others. Making a difference to the community and having a sense of purpose are also Popular reasons for volunteering. Whatever your own personal reason is for volunteering, rest assured it is a two way exchange – you give but you also gain.

Volunteer in Vietnam

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